A link for any of our screen

We have a need for our team to access our app and data through links. Is there a possibility to create such link for a given page or any other entity for any of our team members to have an easy option to view and edit our data. We also plan to place this links to our CRM for anyone to easily access our forms and details.


Your apps are only accessible by team members, but you should be able to send those members links to screens from the web app at least.

Yes, thats fine. I mean if we have a particular given screen with particular data row from our table and we need to have a link to that screen for our team members to view it and edit.

We need an algoritm so that we would change the id of our row (or any other parametr) and the given link (via GET parametrs, for example) would lead to that particular row assosiated with the given id.

So when you pass a row link into a detail screens variable, you may have noticed that doesn’t get passed into the url or anything (which would be awesome). So you can always link to a specific row for a user.

However if your table has one row per user, then you can set the initial value of your input row variable to be a filter that uses $[sys_user]. Not exactly what you’re asking for, but you could fake it for certain use cases.

I'm unfraid my words seem unclear.

Let me give a simple example. I have a site: site[dot]com

I also have a table, namely table A. Inside this table A there is a column, let it be column named Col. Each value of Col is unique.

So I make a separate screen for the each row of the table. There is a specific row of this table A displayed, in which where Col equals 2. I need to have a link to this specific screen. I see this link could be, for example, site[dot]com?Col=2 (given that Col is unique for each row).

Is it possible to create links this way inside Honeycode?

I don’t believe so, not yet.

hi @Mich-66ca, welcome to Honeycode and the community.

What you are asking for is not possible in Honeycode at this time, but I will add it as a feature request. The web app does a lot of back end rest-api calls and the urls do not change for each column; it is more like a Single Page Application than a traditional "restful" URL based website. The URLs do indeed change from "page" to "page" or "navigation item" to "navigation item" but modifying links (based on parameters) is not supported; nor putting applications in IFRAMEs.

If you wanted to put a link to the APP in other applications and give the links to other people you work with you can copy and save the URL and paste it in another tool. You can also get the URL from a sharing email.

The url looks something like this:

You could also create a HTTP or HTML based forward to the above URL. For example you can setup the domain "myapp.example.com" to host an HTML page that does an HTML forward to the above URL, or an apache server that responds with a 302 redirect. This would be one way to make prettier URL to the app, and maintain control if the app changes to a different URL (new version or new copy etc...).

I know it does not solve your direct ask but I hope it helps.

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