Ability to duplicate a Screen

Often we create screens that are similar to others, while wanting to maintain much of the functionality and look and feel.

It saves time to duplicate an existing Screen and then make the changes needed. It's a productivity enhancement for developers.


I'll piggyback on this suggestion for Screens. It would be really helpful to be able to rearrange the order of screens for developers to help keep things organized. Extra credit for allowing folders in which to place screens, again for the purposes of developer organization.

Hi @Rich-ccc4, thanks for the post and feedback. We always look forward to hearing about ways we can improve the product. For your first post regarding duplicating a screen, if I'm understanding correctly, there is a way to do just that today. Simply click on the screen that you want to duplicate and do a ctrl-c (copy) and ctrl-v (paste). For more info check out this article: Test and Preview in Honeycode.

With your second post, totally agree and I've seen similar requests in the past about this. I could also benefit from this right away if it was available today. I like your folders idea, a lot... I'm going to submit this as a feature request for the product team to consider.

Thanks again and please keep the ideas coming in.

Hi AJ,

I did know that about copy and paste. I was thinking of the many folks who are new to low code/no code environments. A menu item that shows a "Duplicate" option would be a bit simpler, and also perhaps help users be aware that duplicating a screen is an option for them.

I was more thinking about usability and ease of use. While teaching another database product I would often show them how much more productive it is to duplicate a form and alter it than to create from scratch.

Thanks for your reply!



That makes sense @Rich-ccc4. I had suspected you were aware of the copy/paste functionality but just wanted to make sure. And yes, I tend to agree with you that this functionality is a bit hidden today; yet like you mention, it can be such an important step in the process of building apps.

I'll make sure the team is aware of this as well. Thanks again for your feedback.

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