Ability to sync with Table and Automate Tasks

Honeycode should have ability to sync Table with external Tables(NoSQL or Relational) and certain tasks automated by connecting with Lambda functions. This two can be powerful tool and differentiate from Microsoft Teams and Salesforce Quip.

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Agree. Looking for something similar but only seeing import of a CSV. That doesn't seem plausible.


Hi @Praj-3830 thanks for your suggestion. We currently do not support keeping tables in sync natively. but I'd suggest taking a look at the API capabilities we do have today. There may be good ways to keep tables in sync and connecting Lambda functions. Getting Started with Honeycode APIs.

Suggestions like yours help improve the product - we're keeping the product team informed, so please continue to share your ideas.

We also appreciate if you're able to share some more details about your use case. That will inform our thinking when we build these capabilities natively.

Let's assume a scenario of a Direct primary care or a PCP with a member. They are required to refer the patient to another Doctor or discuss the same with another Doctor. Create a team of patient, referred physician and referring physician. Pull the records/images from the table. Discuss the diagnosis/ailment and once satisfied, close the group, which in turn will kill the team and access to the accessed table.
Hope this is not a confusing use case.

Hi @Praj-3830, thank you for the additional details of this use case. These have been noted and will be incorporated into future discussions related to external connectors. In the meantime, as Rajesh had noted above, today we do have the ability to integrate with Lambda but it would be the Lambda function itself doing the work of updating or retrieving data from Honeycode. Not sure if this fits your particular use case directly, though, but figured I'd mention it again just in case.

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Thanks @aj for the mention. After @RajeshGoli suggestion, I am actually looking forward to build this out using lambda and validate the ease of use using honeycode. Wish me luck :blush:

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Hi @Praj-3830 I know it's been a while since this post, but wanted to bring to your attention to web-hook based integrations and new Honeycode APIs we announced this week. You can potentially use the web-hooks to trigger a Lambda and the new APIs to keep your tables in Sync. Check out Release Notes - December 2, 2020 for more details. Would love to hear your feedback, if any - happy Honeycoding, if not!