Ability to Turn Off Automation While It Is Running

Problem: Many times I mess up and cannot turn off an automation while it is running. This causes me to have to wait HOURS until the automation has completed before I can edit things so that it won't mess up again.

Feature: Within an automation, please include a "Stop Current Automation" button that stops the automation from continuing if it is currently running. This will allow people to go in and debug things MUCH faster instead of having to wait until an automation (that might take hours to complete) runs until completion.

Hi @Nich-48e3, thanks for this request as well :honeybee: :honey_pot:

I'll submit this to our team to consider for automations; I can see how an option to stop or cancel an executing long-running automation could be helpful.

However, if you notice that several of your automations are long-running, you may want to optimize how the formulas and automations are built. Here's an article with recommendations to optimize your Honeycode app for performance:

Hope that's helpful! Let us know if you have any other feedback or requests. :honey_pot:

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