Access GPS Coordinates

  • What’s your feature request?Access GPS coordinates of current location in the mobile app

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?I’m building a field app for my team. I’d like to capture the GPS coordinates of the current location for a new entry being made by my team.

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked?Since there is no construct to capture the current location, for the time being, I will have to ask my team to manually enter the GPS location from another application like compass which will be cumbersome and error prone
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Hi @Dhir-9db3, welcome to the community! :honeybee:

Thank you for your suggestion, I can see how gathering and storing GPS location data could be helpful in your use case.

I'll pass on your feature request to our team to consider for a future update of Honeycode. Let us know if you have any other details or thoughts around this, or if you think of anything else you'd like to see in Honeycode. :slight_smile:

For this app, I would like the option of having the list screen be a world map where each row is displayed as a pin on the map at its GPS location. In general, the list screen should allow more than one display template; it looks like today it is limited to a simple list display.

Hi @Dhir-9db3,

Got it, thanks for the additional info! I'll add your notes to the feature request.

And cool idea too, I think embedding a map object as you're describing could be used in a variety of use cases. :world_map: :slight_smile:

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