Ad hoc URL in email

Hi, I'm trying to add a url to an email to direct my users to upload their required documentation (as a workaround while Honeycode does not support document uploads directly, please add this feature :slight_smile: ).

However, when I include a custom url (as opposed to attach link to app) which directs the user to a google form to upload their files, the url is not displayed in the message. There is also no notification that I cannot use ad hoc url's when I create the message. I construct the URL in the email creation section by combining a string with the variable storing my record ID like:$[RequestID]

Just in case I included a link to and it did not show up

How do I go about this?

Hi @Matt-1edd,

Thank you for sharing this with us. The email notifications triggered by an automation currently do not support links. We've seen similar feedback and will include this in our notes to the product team.

Thanks Pankaj, it appears from my additional troublehooting that honeycode is actively striping the url content, which is bad enough, but then there is no warning on the automation screen that this will be done. Another example I would possibly have to use hyperlinks in email is to include a hyperlink to the organization's help desk portal in case the user has a problem, or a document describing my honeycode portals functionality.

I can find somewhat hacky workarounds which will just annoy my user base with extra steps (or more elegantly kill several hours figuring out how to send messages via a Lambda function, and then have to monitor that function to ensure it does not have a hiccup), but that kind of defeats the purpose of a tool like honeycode which is marketed toward business users, not devs.

I am also wondering if there is a honeycode roadmap that indicates what functionality is being worked on or timeframes for future releases? I know it's hard to commit to these types of things, but for some users knowing that a feature is coming at some point may help to determine if the platform is going to meet their needs, maybe not today, but sometime in the future.


Hi @Matt-1edd,

Thanks for providing more details.

I appreciate your request and recognize the usefulness of a roadmap. Our roadmaps are not published today, but we will evaluate this for the future. Thanks to our community announcements section, it can keep you up with the latest buzz, new features, updates, and more.

We greatly appreciate your feedback. I will ensure that our product managers receive your feedback regarding roadmap.

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Thanks, love the product and look forward to seeing what's possible next!

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