Add a Notification Automation with Rows


An automation is a self-operating series of actions that you can configure in Honeycode. Automations can help your team to stay in sync—in real time—and put repetitive, manual tasks on autopilot.

A trigger as the name implies, is the condition that starts an automation (e.g. a row being added to a table).
An action is the next step executed when a trigger condition is met (e.g. an email notification).

In the example below, an automation is triggered every time a new item is added to the Inventory table. An email notification and an in-app notification are sent to a designated person.


  1. Choose the table you want the automation for, navigate to the automations panel and add an automation.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: Right click the default name and select rename to give your automation a clear and easy name.

  1. Click Row Added or Deleted and fill out the remaining fields. Click + Add actions and select an option. In this example, an email notification and an in-app notification are the automation.

  1. Fill out the fields and navigate to a different screen to apply the notification.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: When entering individual recipients, the To field accepts only people in your team or organization who are formatted as contacts. Free-form email addresses and text are considered invalid inputs and notifications will not be sent to them.

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