Add an URL

How to add a link as a column?
I think there should be a column type URL like a Date, Number, and String.
And importantly, the URL can be opened in-app and outside the app.


You don’t need to format it as a url, just enter a full url, and you’ll see that it Becomes clickable.

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The full URL might look strange and unreadable. I prefer to show a text describing the link, or example, "My Web Site" and not the full URL. Clicking on "My Web Site" should send the user to the right place.


Welcome to the community, @RamC369 and @BenB-9b9c, and thanks for your help @AndrewB! Great discussion. We've seen similar feedback on supporting hyperlinks, and will include this in our notes to the Product team for consideration.

Looking forward to hearing more feedback as you use Honeycode :honeybee:

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