Add Attachments Feature to PO Approvals

I’m building a PO Approvals app for my team, and would like them to be able to attach invoices/receipts to their requests.


Hi @dyla-82ab, thanks for your input! I've passed this along to our Product team.

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Hi Nina, thank you so much. I was also wondering if someone is able to make multiple PO Requests within the same requests? I ask this due to multiple payments that have to be approved on the same day, and it could get rather annoying for a manager to receive 15 emails all at once rather than just getting one request with everything in it.

Of course, @dyla-82ab. I have a few follow ups to understand your question better. Are you using the P0 Request template or have you built a request app from scratch? And when you say you want to make multiple requests within the same requests, do you mean that you'd like the user to be able to submit multiple unique P0 requests in a single form submission? Phrased differently, are the 15 emails you're referring to representative of 15 unique P0 requests or something else?

Hi Nina, I've used the template for PO Requests, and I would like the user to be able to submit multiple unique PO requests in a single form submission, yes. Would that be possible?

Hello @dyla-82ab,

Yes, you should be able to submit multiple form request in rapid succession. You will have to simply build the app in a way that allows for successive submissions. One way to set it up is as follows:

  1. In the PO request app, create a form button that says, 'Create another PO request'. Set it up so that, when the button is clicked, you are taken to this page again so that you can file a new request. This will allow you to create multiple PO requests.

  2. To send the manager/approver all the requests at once, you could add all the requests to one table and send the manager a notification with information on the table in it. Or you could schedule a reminder at the end of the day for the manager to take a look at the PO Mgr app(from the template). This will ensure that they get one notification for all the pending requests. Here is an article on how to set up reminders/notifications.

Let me know if this solution worked for you and if there is any other feature that would help you simplify what you are trying to build.

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