Add buttom on custom app

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I create an app from new customer experience template "Asset management", i want to add button, but when i click on "+ Add", i can only choose Screen & Display field. I didn't have the possibility to add 'button'.
I have have this need because i want to automate a workflow to be able call an external webhook, when a new form is added.

How can i automate my need ?

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Hi @Tony-69c1,

At this time, Honeycode only supports setting up action buttons in Detail Screens. If you want to create an automation you can do so by creating a Detail Screen and then going to Insert and Add Button.

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Is there a feature request for adding buttons on a screen other than the Detail Screen? If not, I would like to request this. There are often times that a button makes sense on other screens, specifically when wanting to update multiple rows within a workbook without needing to drill into a specific item.


Hey @rtdewi0 - what you're describing is possible in the classic Honeycode experience, and I find that the classic experience provides a great deal of flexibility not yet supported by the new experience interface.

Might be worth giving it a try, if you haven't drained too many hours into developing your new experience app!



Welcome to the community! Thank you for your feedback, I have passed your note to our team.

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