Add days, week or months to a date

Hello. I'm new here. How can I add days, weeks or months to a date on the spreedsheed formula.

You can add or subtract from days using formulas.

For example, =today()-1 returns yesterday

Or =today()+1/24 advances time by one hour.

Note all times generated in Honeycode are utc.

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Hi, I confirm that today()+1 or today()-1 work very well for adding or reducing a day. But today()-1/24 doesn’t seem to work...

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Yeah, there’s another thread where someone is also having that problem. I think it’s a bug. It should work.

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So pherhaps I didn't explain quite enough what I was trying to do. I wanted to insert a date on a cell and add a week on another cell. I tied introducing a date such as today 27/06/2020. And try to set up the column as date format. After that I simple wrote the date on this format


And in another cell I wortre a simple sum.

Here is the image:

Ejemplo solucionado

This was helpfull. Thanks!

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