Add non-team contacts to workbooks

  • What’s your feature request? Add non-team contacts to workbooks

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve? I'm building an app that lets me keep track of my freelance jobs. I'd like to be able to add someone's contact info to a table row without inviting them to my team so I can keep track of who the contact person for each job is. Other examples of this feature's usefulness would be tracking sales leads, or being able to store and easily reference client's contact info.

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked? Since I can't store contacts in tables without inviting them to my team, I'm not able to keep track of who the contact person for each job is, which means I need to go through my emails to find the right contact.

That's a very interesting use case @aidendj13. I'll file this feature request! Thank you for writing it up.

@aidendj13 - just wanted to clarify something about your feature request. You should be able to store people's names in columns formatted as plain text. You can even create a "customers" table storing all the information about your customers and then use filters and picklists in your app to surface them in your app.

Is there a specific contacts functionality that you're missing by doing so?

Hey @Oleg --

I'd like to jump in here and say that I would appreciate the same thing. I can currently store a phone number as plain text or as a number with no decimals, but it would be great if I could then format it to show up as (999) 999-9999 instead of 9999999999.

Hey @Jared - I get it now. Thanks - will file.

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