Add row with rowlink fields

Maybe I've missed it, but I can't figure out how to have a screen add a row to a table with rowlist fields. Here's the scenario:

I have a 'listitem' table with two rowlink fields: one linked to the 'list' table and one linked to the 'item' table. In both cases, the rowlink uses a numeric field named 'uid' in the linked table.

When my screen action adds a new row, the rowlink fields get correct numeric values for the uid fields of the linked tables, but not actual rowlinks. See last row in screenshot below. How do I create actual rowlinks in new rows?

Solved my own problem. For anyone experiencing this, you have to use a function that returns a rowlink as the value that you write to the rowlink field (of course). In this case, 'findrow' does the trick. Setting the 'itemuid' rowlink field in the listitem table, use


rather than


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Hi @Mr-Bill, glad to hear you worked it out. Yes the findrow is what you need here and nice work on figuring it out. Thanks for sharing the update and marking it as a solution!

Let us know if anything else arises!

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