Adding List Items on clicking the "Done" form button

I am just practicing my honeycode skills and have a quick question:


  • I have a New Report form made up of 4 input fields (Stored in Table A) and a List with 3 columns (stored in Table B)
  • In the UI the list has a "+Add Item" link to add a new row
  • At the end of the form I have "Cancel" and "Done" buttons


  • I want to save all form data (input fields to Table A + List to Table B) only when the user clicks on "Done" button.
  • Also, if the "Cancel" button is clicked all data should NOT be store at all.

Right now, the list contents are written to Table B when clicked on the "+Add Item"

Any help on how to achieve this would be appreciated,


Hi @Dieg-2e0d, welcome to the community! I am happy to help you with this. But for starters, could you post a quick screen shot of your report to further illustrate the 4 input fields and 3 columns? This will allow me to provide clearer examples of how you may go about achieving the end state of only submitting the data once the Done button is clicked.

A couple ideas I have in mind at the moment consist of either a list on screen that a user would add items to, which would add to the table(s) real time, and then you can have a little delete button or trash bin emoji that would allow the reversal of that add; or the second option could be to add items to a temporary table and then once done is clicked they would be written to the permanent table (while cleaning up the temp).

Thanks and I'm looking forward to your response.

Thanks for the note.

Basically, I am using the AnyCompany HVAC template as a base. There you can add an invoice to an existing order. In my case, instead of orders I have reports. A report can have multiple inspections, so when I create a NEW report, I want to be able to add brand new inspections. In addition, I only want to save the data to report and inspections table when user clicks on the "Done" button.

Here is a picture of the UI:

Based on your original response, option 2 sounds promising but open to other suggestions.
Many thanks

Hi @Dieg-2e0d, I put something together for you to consider. Please see the video below. If this works, let me know and I'll share the how :slight_smile:

ps. While this is recorded on web, you can expect the same exact design and experience on mobile.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, the general requirement is correct. Only thing I would modify is adding the inspections on the same page as the report using an editable table/list for inspections.

Appreciate if you can share the "how to" recreate the flow in the video. Also, is there a "delete all rows" command for tables?

Thanks a lot,


Hi @Dieg-2e0d, here's the the buildout of it... Hope you find it useful.

App in action

Table design

App design

Btw @Dieg-2e0d, we're experimenting with more videos. How do you feel about the app design one (the longer one)? too long? Need more text or voice narration? Other ideas?

Good afternoon,

Really appreciated the taken the time to put these videos together. They are very informative. In regards to your question about the video design here are some thoughts:

  • A quick highlight of the video showing the intended app design and table design are very useful (as done above)

  • I feel the length of the video will depend on the topic being discussed but try to keep them short and sweet if possible. Ideally < 5 mins but again depends on the topic.

  • Would be useful to include some text or voice over for key aspects of the code such as when using formulas, filters o automation.

Hope this help and once again thanks a lot,


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Hi @Dieg-2e0d, thanks for sharing your feedback on the videos! As AJ mentioned, we're experimenting with different types of content to ensure we create the best possible experience for our customers.

Please continue to let us know how we can help you along your Honeycode journey! :honeybee:

Hi @Dieg-2e0d - how's the inspections app coming along? Running into any other challenges?