Adding multiple contacts to field


I am trying to create a task tracking app for my team, but I need the ability to assign a task to multiple contacts (plus ideally a group of contacts such as a whole team).

Is this supported, and if so, how do I do this?


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Hi @Lars-e6b3, I’m happy to help you out!

One way to achieve this would be to create a second table to associate users to a particular group.
(i.e. in the new table, create two columns: one of the contact name and one of a group name).

Then in your first table, you can set the task assignee column as a row link that selects the group, which would be associated to the multiple contacts.

Another way would be to create another column in your table to assign another contact (i.e. “primary contact” column and “additional contact” column). This isn’t within the same field, but you could set up triggers or automations for both columns as needed.

Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions at this time.


I have the same type of question... I often need to input multiple entries of a particular type into a spreadsheet. E.g:

  • Multiple links to end products, under a "deliverables" column
  • The aforementioned multiple team members under "staff" or "owner" columns
  • Multiple locations under a "location" column

Essentially it's normally the tipping point between a spreadhseet and a custom database... I often think of these input requirements as like tags, where you want the power of knowing they're all within one dataset (column) but need to be able to assign more than one to each item (row).

Any thoughts appreciated, and on first pass this tool feels excellent - and this would be a deal-closing functionality for me at least,...

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Hi @KevMol thanks for your question, and welcome to the community. Appreciate your patience for our response. The common pattern in which we achieve this in Honeycode is to create a new table for relationships. For example, if I have a Classes table and a Students table, I may track enrollments in a new table Enrollments which has two columns, one each for class and student. This way both Classes and Students tables can have filter columns that filter out relevant enrollments (students in the case of classes and classes in the case of students).


Where column filter for Enrollments is =Filter(Enrollments, "Enrollments[Class]=ThisRow()") and column filter for Students is =Filter(Students, "Students IN [Enrollments][Student]")

Class Enrollments Students
English [filter] [filter]
Math [filter] [filter]
Science [filter] [filter]


Where column filter for Enrollments is =Filter(Enrollments, "Enrollments[Student]=ThisRow()") and column filter for Classes is =Filter(Classes, "Classes IN [Enrollments][Class]")

Student Enrollments Classes
MarĂ­a GarcĂ­a [filter] [filter]
Martha Rivera [filter] [filter]
Mary Major [filter] [filter]
Mateo Jackson [filter] [filter]
Nikhil Jayashankar [filter] [filter]


Where Student is picklist on Students and Class is a picklist on Classes.

Student Class
MarĂ­a GarcĂ­a English
MarĂ­a GarcĂ­a Science
Mary Major Science
Mateo Jackson Math
Mateo Jackson Science
Nikhil Jayashankar Science
Nikhil Jayashankar English
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