Adding Rows to Table Based on Pick List

Hi everyone!

I have created a form which contains a pick list. In addition, I have several tables which correspond to each of the pick list options. As such, I would like to automate when the form is submitted, it would add a row to the table corresponding to a pick list. For example: My pick list options are Texas, California, and Washington and my tables are TexasTable, CaliforniaTable, and WashingtonTable. If someone selects Washington and submits the form, I would like that data to be stored in the WashingtonTable.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated!

Hey @Sing-e9c5 , you can totally do that. Create an automation on your submit button with 4 "Add a Row" steps. Set them up to add a row to each table. Then! Use the Run Options to write a conditional for each step, so that the first Add a Row only fires if the user has selected "Texas" in the dropdown, etc.

Each step would look something like this:


Thank you so much! This is very helpful!

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