Adding Team Members

Teams are essential to Honeycode. Adding team members lets you share your workbooks and apps, so make sure the right people have been invited to your teams. Once an invite is accepted, team members are automatically added to your contacts within Honeycode. This article will walk you through how to invite others to join your team.

Team roles

Teams have two roles, admins and members. Your team can have multiple admins, or just one. Honeycode lets you have up to 20 people on your team, including you, for free. Your coworkers can invite you to join their teams, too.

Team roles are different than Honeycode access levels. Access levels control what you can see or do with workbooks and apps. Team roles control whether you can invite or remove team members, promote or demote as admins, and other actions available within Honeycode as described in this article.

Need room to grow? Upgrade to the Plus or Pro plan and add members for an additional cost per person.

Team admins

As an admin, you have control over team roles, workbooks and apps, and your team’s plan. And, you can do it all from the Teams page.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: Accounts using Single Sign-On (SSO) do not have these capabilities. The SSO admin manages roles and permissions


  • Invite and remove team members/admins
  • View permissions for all team members
  • Change roles for any member/admin
  • Grant and revoke invite permissions for members
  • Change the team name
  • View pending team invites
  • Cancel any pending team invites
  • Delete the team


  • View all team management pages
  • Connect an AWS account to an existing team
  • Upgrade/downgrade the team plan
  • View relevant usage data for billing


  • Create and share workbooks/apps
  • Access all team workbooks/apps
  • Remove member from workbooks/apps

Security note: When you add an admin, you are giving them access to the same content and controls you have as an admin.

Team members

All team members have the ability to:

  • Create workbooks
  • Build apps
  • Share workbooks and apps with current team members
  • See any pending invites

Team members with invite permissions can also:

  • Invite new team members
  • Cancel any pending invites they made

Security note: If you terminate your account, your team will still have access to content you shared with others, including invitation related records or any administrative content.

Team invite permissions

The ability to invite others to your team depends on your role. Here's what you need to know:

  • Only team admins and members with invite permissions can invite people to a team

  • Teams can have multiple admins

  • You can set any team member’s role to “Admin” in the Teams page

Sending invites via Teams

You'll view your team and manage member roles in the Teams page. To access Teams, click on the icon in the left navigation bar.

  1. In the Teams page, go to Add team member in the upper right corner.

  2. In the invite modal, enter email addresses of people you’d like to invite to your team.

  3. By default, their role will be set to “team member,” but you can change roles (optional).

  4. You’re ready to Invite!

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder's tips: New team members will be sent an email inviting them to join Honeycode, if not already signed up, and to be added to your team.

  • Please note that invites expire after 14 days. If the invitation has not been accepted in that time, you can resend it from the Teams page.
  • You can send reminders or change team members’ roles, even if the invite is pending acceptance.
  • If the invitee doesn't receive the email, confirm the email address sent to is typed correctly.
  • If the email is correct, have them check their spam folder.
  • Team members must sign up for Honeycode using the same email address as the invite and verify their email address. The verification email is sent shortly after creating an account.
  • Once logged into Honeycode, the new team member will see a pending team invite to accept.

Note: Workbooks and Apps can also be shared from within your Dashboard, Tables, Builder, and the live app. More details are available in our Sharing Workbooks & Apps article.

Team settings

Team settings in Honeycode allow team administrators to manage team level access and authorizations. On the Team settings screen, team admins can see invite controls available for their team and allows them to change authorization as they choose to.

  1. In the Teams page, select the Settings icon :gear: in the upper right corner.
  2. In the Team Settings modal, use the radio buttons to select who can invite members to the team: Only Admins, Admins and members, or Admins and specified members.
  3. When Admins and specified members is selected, begin to type the name or email address of a current team member. Matching names will auto-populate for you to select.
  4. Select Save.

Resending invites

Once you send an invite, recipients will have 14 days to respond. If the invitation has not been accepted in that time, you can resend invites from the Teams page.

  1. Look for the person's email address that you'd like to resend an invitation to.

  2. Select Resend invitation

You can send reminders, change team members' roles or permissions, even if an invite is pending acceptance.

:lock: Security note: Team members can see profile details, such as name, email, and role, of everyone on their team. However, since each team is an individual entity, your teammates can't see other teams you belong to, and vice versa.

Invitation limits

In certain circumstances Honeycode might limit if an invitation can be sent. This can happen if you attempt to send an invite to someone who:

  • Is already a team member

  • Has an invite pending

  • Has already been sent an invite within 15 minutes

  • Has been sent three invites within 24 hours

Other teams settings & actions

Learn how to rename a team, delete or leave one in our Other Teams Settings & Actions article.

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