Admin functionality for an event management app

I want to build an event management app where many people rsvp for an event and I as the admin can see who all rsvp'ed and then publish the result (or have a page where everyone can see who all rsvp'ed). Is this possible?

Hello @Mano-60d5, welcome to the community & great question you have asked! Before I get too much into the weeds of a solution, I wanted to make sure you were aware of our current teaming model, which is that only those who you have specifically invited to your team can interact with your apps. I believe @Taylor had provided additional information about these concepts in a different post.

Let me know how you're feeling about this and if the above idea is something you still want to explore. Happy to do so if you are.

I am still having a hard time understanding the teaming model. Its not very useful if somebody needs an invitation to use my app. My ultimate goal is to build an app that will become hugely popular and get millions of downloads in the App Store or Play Store. If i have to pay $20 for every app user, its not very useful right? unless i misunderstood the model. Can i publish my Honeycode app as a standalone app on the Ios or Android platform?

Hi @Mano-60d5, no problem and I'm happy to try to further clarify. Today Honeycode does not support publishing apps in app stores. Rather, the app builder can invite others to a team and then share one or more apps with them. And with that model in mind, Honeycode is free for teams up to 20 users, which includes 2500 rows per workbook. If you need to go beyond that (either more users or rows), we have two additional tiers as described here.

Hopefully this helps. Please let us know if you need more info.