Ajouter des documents PDF?

Hi everyone,
I'm new user, and i'm really interesting to develop my application with HoneyCode :slight_smile:
I'm french and i need to tast HC for try to find a solution to my project.
Step by step because i need help
I want to reach my application to my cloud ?
This question because i want that my user/customer can put dowload and upload pdf reach to my cloud for create their files directly ?
May you understand my request ?


Hello Carl, welcome to the Honeycode community! :grinning: :honey_pot:

Thank you for your questions. Our new experience does support upload of images, however, not PDFs or other file attachments. This has been a popular feature request to our team for future iterations of Honeycode.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any additional questions. :honeybee:

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