An Upvote button for other people's feature requests

Thesre seems to be a large number of items for feature requests. Is there a way to lend support to previous suggestions like Upvoting?
Upload Images and Display Maps are 2 features that I think would be really worthwhile and if others have suggested them then I would upvote their requests.
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I think adding a reply/hearting the message show the team how much support there is for an idea.


Hi @maxd-4943, welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face: :honeybee:

Yes, @AndrewB is correct in that clicking on the heart "like" icon on the post helps us identify which feature requests would be most useful for our users.

I want to highlight that if there is a feature request that another user posted that you would also like to see, it's helpful for our team if you comment on that post with your purpose, use case, or any other details of why you'd like to see that feature as well.

You can refer to the following post for the format and details needed for feature requests: [READ ME] How to Submit Feature Requests & Feedback

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