Announcing the next generation of Amazon Honeycode

Do you hear that buzzing? Honeycode’s busy bees have been bustling about the hive preparing some exciting changes to make teamwork easier—and better.

We’re pleased to share the new Honeycode experience, designed to reduce the complexity of building productivity and collaboration tools. With powerful new features (and more to come!), you’ll spend less time building from scratch, so you can create, customize, and share an app with your team in just minutes.

You can now more easily use prebuilt templates for common business tasks including project management, event planning, surveys, expense reporting, and more. Our new visual tools allow you to tailor app components and themes, and add images.

To get started, check out the template gallery to find one that’s right for you. You can explore features directly in the live app and easily customize it for your team’s needs. We have lots of templates in the works, but in the meantime, if you don’t see one you’re looking for, the Starter App provides a launchpad to craft your own. If you have more detailed requirements, our new streamlined and visual workspace allows you to easily edit data flows or add automations for most common team tasks. Visit our New Experience category in the community for help articles.

If you’re a Honeycoder looking for our classic experience for your existing apps, you can still continue to build and share as you’ve always done. To help you differentiate the workspaces, you will see updated classic icons on the dashboard.

We’re excited to hear your feedback! We look forward to your questions and to hear about the stories behind your team apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why change the app authoring experience?

Since our beta launch in June 2020, Honeycode has listened to you, our customers. We’ve added highly requested features such as integrations to make data import seamless, automations to reduce manual workflows, and more. A consistent ask is to make the app building process lighter, easier for business users that don't have the time to learn more technical building concepts.

Honeycode’s new experience does just that. The editor moves front and center for our builders. We include color themes and standardized layouts so you focus on what your app users need without concern about usability, we’ve already thought of that. All this let’s you move from a purpose-built template to using a team app faster.

How your team uses apps built in Honeycode will not change.

How does this new experience help me?

Our new experience features a unified experience designed to help streamline the app building process for our business users. The focus moves to your app screens, what your app users need to see and interact with, and the inputs you need from your app users. We’ve included proven standardized layouts so you can feel at ease that the screens are useable. We also know good color choices help drive app user engagement. Color pallets have been added, allowing you to select a theme for your app.

Do I have to use the new builder?

You can continue to build, manage, and collaborate in your classic Honeycode apps and workbooks as you do today. The in-app experience for your team remains as you designed and built them.

We plan for an transition period to allow you time to familiarize yourself with the new experience. Feel free to explore it while continuing to customize your apps in Honeycode’s classic builder. We will provide you ample notice and materials to help you make the transition.

I like it! Can I move my old apps to the new experience?

We created this new experience with the goal of empowering you to easily build and customize your apps faster. The feature set currently available may limit your ability to fully transition your classic apps immediately. Our teams will continue to introduce additional features and capabilities. As always, we are here in the community to help.

Can I still use the original Honeycode app builder?

The current app builder, now dubbed classic, will be available for some time. We’ll provide notice and materials to help you transition to building in the new experience, where we anticipate all teams will build.

What new features are you planning?

The Honeycode team will continue to incrementally release new features. The long requested feature, images, comes as part of this release. We also plan for attachments. Your feedback is invaluable to us. We’ve set-up a category on our community where you can find help articles, ask questions, provide feedback, and continue to share your feature requests. We look forward to your feedback and encourage you to share your feature requests in the Honeycode Community. We consider all feedback!

How do I get help?

The Honeycode community and discussion forum remain your one-stop shop for articles, blogs and help discussions. Please continue to report bugs via the in-product process for accurate and secure issue reporting.


Can I still invite new members to my team?

Yes! Admins can continue to invite new team members and share new apps with them. Your app users will access the app using the dashboard. Your apps remain unchanged and accessible.

Accounts using AWS single sign-on (SSO) can invite team members to a new app, though continue to manage Honeycode team roles and permissions via the AWS Management Console.

If I add new Honeycode team members, can I still collaborate with them?

Yes! Continue to join forces with new and existing Honeycode collaborators to build your apps..

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