Annoyances Pt 1

Hello all,

As I use the Honeycode platform, I keep running notes of little things that don't quite warrant a single feature request, but that I do find annoying/not as user friendly. This is the first installment of what I expect will be several "Annoyances" posts over the next months or years. Hopefully it is helpful feedback!

Three things on the mind today:

1. Percent Formatting for Data Entry
When a User Input block is set to the percent format, it can be difficult for the average user to quickly enter a percentage amount. For example, if the starting percentage amount is 0 or blank, the average user will type in "5" to reach 5%. However, it will then reformat to 500%. I totally get why that happens, and understand that this is mathematically correct. However, this results in more button taps for the end user because they now have to enter ".05". In the future it would be helpful for the app developer to choose the default input setting, or maybe make it so that an entry of "5" is going to reformat as 5%, as I assume most inputs will be less than 100% or 1.

2. Page Layout Segments
For the apps that I have been designing, it would be helpful to have a segment that takes up the left or right half of the page. This would make designing page layout more intuitive and would also improve the beauty of the apps. Currently, if I want to have a half page layout, I have to be finicky with object placements, and it still doesn't get the vertical spacing quite how I would like it to be.

3. Placement of New "Set Variable" in Builder Button Automations
This is very nit picky, but would improve the usability of Honeycode from the app builder's perspective. Sometimes, I have over 10 variables that need to be reset at the push of a button (when refreshing a screen). What I have found, is that when I add a new variable to be reset, it is automatically set to =THISROW() and then is moved to the top of the list. This then requires me to scroll to the top just to edit what I want to set the variable to. If I am misunderstanding the function of this and can do things more easily, please correct me.

Okay - I think that's all for now. I am a huge proponent of this platform and love what you all are doing. Thanks so much for working on this!


hi @Jared, thank you for your very astute observations (aka. annoyances). These are vey welcome. This is great please keep them coming. I will put these in the feature request hopper for our product managers to consider.


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