Any one wrote weekly reports?

Hello Team,

I want to publish weekly report via email for pending tasks to team members.

Did anyone developed such a report?



Hi @San,

Good builder idea here, thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

You can achieve this by creating a table of dates (a schedule), and an automation that sends a notification email on those dates.

Here's an example I put together to show you.

I have a Team table which stores the name of the team member and their tasks. Each task column is a filter of the Tasks table for the given status. The filter for the pending tasks is:

=Filter(Tasks,"Tasks[Assignee]=Team[Name] AND Tasks[Status]=%","Pending")

I also created an EmailSchedule table, where I added dates to send an email:

Then I set up an automation that will trigger when the date is reached for each row in that table:

To have it send a notification email to each team member, I put the following formula in the "Run Options":


And have it email the contact in the Name column:

Each item that is underlined in green is a data cell which I started typing with "=". For example, the pending tasks data is called with =[Pending Tasks]

If you want to link in your app, you can do so in the dropdown below the message body:

Once you publish this automation, Honeycode will send those emails on the specified dates.

I hope this example helps! :slight_smile:

I'll note that as of now Honeycode does not have recurring automations (this idea has been requested before though). However, you can instead have a table of dates that you populate ahead of time as I demonstrated here.

Let me if you have any further questions on this. :honey_pot: :honeybee: