Any one wrote weekly reports?

Hello Team,

I want to publish weekly report via email for pending tasks to team members.

Did anyone developed such a report?



Hi @San,

Good builder idea here, thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

You can achieve this by creating a table of dates (a schedule), and an automation that sends a notification email on those dates.

Here's an example I put together to show you.

I have a Team table which stores the name of the team member and their tasks. Each task column is a filter of the Tasks table for the given status. The filter for the pending tasks is:

=Filter(Tasks,"Tasks[Assignee]=Team[Name] AND Tasks[Status]=%","Pending")

I also created an EmailSchedule table, where I added dates to send an email:

Then I set up an automation that will trigger when the date is reached for each row in that table:

To have it send a notification email to each team member, I put the following formula in the "Run Options":


And have it email the contact in the Name column:

Each item that is underlined in green is a data cell which I started typing with "=". For example, the pending tasks data is called with =[Pending Tasks]

If you want to link in your app, you can do so in the dropdown below the message body:

Once you publish this automation, Honeycode will send those emails on the specified dates.

I hope this example helps! :slight_smile:

I'll note that as of now Honeycode does not have recurring automations (this idea has been requested before though). However, you can instead have a table of dates that you populate ahead of time as I demonstrated here.

Let me if you have any further questions on this. :honey_pot: :honeybee:

Is there anyway we can publish all the pending tasks? with short description

Hi @San! :honeybee:

As of now in Honeycode, you would not be able iterate through a list to write all rows into an email notification, however you can specify particular rows with FINDROW().

I'll highlight too that automations allow you to add a link to the Honeycode app in your email notification, which a user can click to view all of their pending tasks and descriptions in the app.

For another area to explore, Honeycode's two-way integrations with Zapier and AppFlow allow you to send data to and from many different services. This could be a realm to check out different ways you can publish and send reports with Honeycode data.

Hope these ideas help! I'll also pass on your ask to our team as an improvement request :slight_smile: :honey_pot:

I looked at Zapier; looks like zapier currently does not support multiple rows. I was able to integrate with zapier but only able pull one record and send email. Bumme!

Hi @San,

Got it, thanks for letting us know what you bumped into -

Coming back to the idea of using FINDROW():

Here's a related example by @RajeshGoli that may help you out: Output Filter results to Data-Cell

Using the concept shown in Rajesh's post, you can generate an email with a body that may look something like: "You have task A, task B, task C, and 4 other pending tasks assigned to you."

You can then also add a link to the app, where the users can click to see additional tasks.

Know that the team will evaluate your feedback for the improvement request, but that could be a solution for you in the meantime. :slight_smile: :honey_pot:

I have a similar issue - Need to send an email to the current user that includes a list of Items to order from a supplier. Note in this case, I need the complete list of items, the suggested workaround will not work in this case: "...and 4 other Items to order".

It would be great if honeycode could natively support multiple rows in the body of notifications.

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Hi @Drew-0d36, welcome to the community! :honeybee:

Thanks for chiming in with your note as well; I've included your use case and feedback on the improvement request to our team.

Let us know too if there's anything else you'd like to see in Honeycode. :honey_pot: