Any plans for easy integration with QuickSight and RDS PostgreSQL?

Hi are there any plans to do easy integration with QuickSight and RDS PostgreSQL without using complicated code for power business users?

You can have RDS PostgreSQL as a database to store data from Honeycode, Honeycode as an interface for data edit / entry for your team, and QuickSight as a place for analysis and visualization of data stored on RDS PostgreSQL, and changes from data entry / edit on Honeycode.

Hello @Dinh-1274, welcome to the community and thank you for your question! Integrations such as what you described have been commonly requested since launch, and we've made some progress on that front. I wanted to make sure you were aware of the recent related announcement, which is that you can now integrate data with both AppFlow and Zapier. Integrate Data with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow. This may help particularly on the RDS integration, but it also opens opportunities to integrate with hundreds of other apps as well, with a more user-friendly / less-coding interface.

As for Quicksight, we do not have any direct integrations today (besides the API method), however, I am taking note of this and will report it back to our product management team.

Lastly, on a related note, depending on how sophisticated your charting use case(s) are, there is a Honeycode bar chart feature that is coming soon, so stay tuned for that!

Hope this all helps.


Hi @aj, thank you for your response. I would love to use all apps in the AWS ecosystem, instead of using a third-party app like Zapier, and would like to see Appflow, RDS, Honeycode, and Quicksight teams to work together to grow this promising platform for power business users.

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