App Form -- Unable to Add New Entries

I am brand new to Amazon Honeycode and gotta say that I'm loving it but also must acknowledge the frustration of having been away from software coding for too long!! Despite the challenges, I am muddling through and slowly getting the hang of it. BUT when it comes to adding a new entry via my newly built app Form, I'm stumped. The first data field on my form (Contact Name) is linked to existing records in the table. I cannot figure out how to get around that. I welcome your ideas!!!

hi @Dama-e44c, welcome to honeycode,

If I understand correctly, you want to create a form for adding a new entity. Generally in Create/Add forms you will want to use "Variables" not "Shared" fields. You can simply click on the data cell itself and under the Data property click on "Variable." This means that the data is not directly tied to a table and therefore automatically saved to the table. This allows you to do form validation and choose (in an automation attached to the "Done" or "Save" button) choose where to save each field.

You can learn more about the two types of data cells here: Variables in Honeycode

Let me know if you have further questions or even paste a screenshot of your specific use case.


Hi DanielTet, Just the information I needed!! Thank you so much. I'm going to take a stab at it. Will swing back around to report on the outcome.

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