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Apologies if this has been asked and answered, but to my surprise search comes up empty on 'landscape'.

Is there any way to specify (or allow) landscape orientation when the app is used on a mobile device, or to allow more usable pixels on tablets?

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Hi @Mr-Bill, thanks for your post!

As of now, you cannot change the orientation to landscape on the mobile app.

However, I will put this in as a feature request to our team to possibly add to a future update of Honeycode (To be able to adjust screen orientation and formatting).

Feel free to let us know if you think of anything else you'd like to see in Honeycode. :honeybee:

I'd like to expand a bit more on my comment about using more pixels on a tablet. The mobile version seems limited to a relatively small number of pixels, so it can't display much detail in the 1/12 screen width display fields. Here's a screen shot of the same app on a smartphone and the web version. The web version is using 800 pixels of width, by the way, and the smartphone width is 1080 pixels.

Hi @Mr-Bill,

Thanks for the additional details and screenshots -

For your mobile app, we suggest that you try using stacked lists rather than column lists.

Stacked lists are more mobile-friendly, since this layout places column data on top of each other vertically, which is better suited for scrolling content in vertical formats.

You can read more on the different types of lists here: Lists: Stacked, Column & Blank.

You could still keep the column list for your web app and just explore which list layout feels best for your mobile app.

I hope this is helpful. :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Thanks. We've played with both, but the lists can be quite long. We're experimenting with various filters to limit the number of displayed rows.

I have another feature request about conditional formatting - we could improve the information density by using visual cues rather than text.

We'll play with it a bit more, but I expect that we'll put together a more comprehensive request to add more control (at design time, but especially at run time based on data) over color, transparency, size, font, location, and so on.

Here's a shot of the original PHP/Mysql web page:

Hi @Mr-Bill,

Ok got it, I'm glad you know about and have tried the different types of list formats. :slight_smile:

I'll include your additional notes for the feature request I submitted earlier to the team (that's helpful for us to have).

For your new note, conditional formatting can be done in Honeycode. Here is an article that demonstrates how to achieve this: How to Add Conditional Visibility & Data Validation.

I agree in that visual cues could be a method to show a status change rather than text in a column. Let us know if the info in the link helps you reduce the amount of text or columns in your app. :honeybee:

Thanks again. That technique is what we're doing for the checkboxes in our app. It works, but it's pretty tedious. It's also only something that can be done at build time. We'd really like to be able to have visual attributes based on data: object fill color = thisrow()[bgcolor] for instance.

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Hi @Mr-Bill,

Got it, I understand what you mean. Sounds good, I'll submit that as a feature request as well for our team to evaluate (perhaps as a user-friendly flow to call and store visual attributes).

Let us know if you think of anything else, we appreciate your feedback so far. We want to keep making app-building easier in Honeycode, and all of this helps! :honeybee:

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Hi @Mr-Bill, I was looking at your screen shot of your original PHP/Mysql web page. Are you storing each item as a separate row in a Honeycode table?

  • The red X would be binary 0 or 1

  • Section would be a picklist

  • Item would be text

  • Qty would be a number

  • Located, Ready, and Packed checkboxes would be binary 0 or 1

  • Notes would be text

8 columns total.

I'm thinking you could then use visibility for the Item colors (if Location, Ready, and Packed =1, then green, else yellow) and the check boxes (if 0, unchecked, if 1 checked). You could also use the first column (red x) to determine whether to even show the record.

Is this the approach you are taking?

Haven't built it out just yet to test but it seems you could make a nice mobile interface with this method as well.

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