App issue: "something went wrong...."

Hi everyone,

I am new to this great community so I am trying to discover further details from Honey code.

Nonetheless, I tried the app version and installed it on my android but appears an error: it says "something went wrong....We had trouble loading your screen Check out the connection and try again"

I wonder if is something I am doing wrong or perhaps it the app...?

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi @Dica, welcome to the community! :honeybee:

Thank you for sharing what you bumped into; If this is still occurring for you, can you submit an issue report to us?

You can do so in the web version of Honeycode by clicking on the Help icon in the left-hand panel > "Report an issue." These reports include logs, which help us better investigate the issue.

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I also have same issue when I try to open my workbook. it's showing that "Something went wrong....."

how to solve this issue?

Hello and welcome to our community, @Bikr-0991! We'd like to take a deeper look into this issue.

From My Drive on the web version > click on the Help icon in the left-hand panel >> Report an issue. This will allow us to safely and securely get the information we need to investigate the issue.