App problems

I am currently testing a guard security app i make for 10 team members, the issue i have been having is problems with app connection sometimes when one team member close his app and re opens it the app ask for email and password but if you close it and re opens it work fine. Thats one of my problems
Second problems is when some one wants to send information from the app to the worksheet it duplicates de same thing like 16 times

If someone has the same problem let me know how you fix it

I live in south America In Peru and where i currently live is a desert where my internet connection is not so stable
Please someone help, and sorry for any misunderstanding cause english is my second language

Hi @Nelson_Zepeda,

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

It seems like you are seeing a behavior among your team members where sometimes the app asks for a username and password when it is closed and sometimes it doesn't. Have you noticed a pattern such as if you close the app and open it after 24 hours, it asks for your username/password, but if you launch it within 24 hours, no username/password is asked for?

In regards to your second problem, can you please confirm whether you are clicking on the button just once or multiple times? I would appreciate it if you could provide more details about the automation on button click.

I forgot to mention my team only access from their company phone wich are android phones, regarding second problem my team members say that yes they see the error message they close the notification and press send again i multiple times
Regarding the automation o dont use any automation in the botton all i did is a simple button form and base on that i send the information provided by the team members

Hi @Nelson_Zepeda,

Thanks for providing the information. I am in touch with our engineering team to find out what could be causing these error? I'll keep you posted.

Hi @Nelson_Zepeda,

I would like to return to the issue. I assume there are multiple users of the app. Since you mentioned that you have an unstable internet connection, can you please confirm if all users are in the same area. Unstable internet may be the cause of the issue.

Additionally, you can refer to troubleshooting-loading-connectivity-and-network-issues article for more information.

If you see any issues while the devices are connected to a stable internet connection, please let us know.