App/Web page not auto refreshing on new time based conditions

I have created an app with visual displays that change based on current time based conditions. The time based conditions are in the app as formulas that show or hide certain cells. This works really well when I manually refresh the app/web page or if I change data in the table. However it is not refreshing if no data changes occur or a manual refresh is performed. How can I get this to work particularly on the app on iOS or when using the web page using Safari or Chrome on iOS?

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App variables are evaluated when the screen is first loaded, or when there is an update in the table data. So if you have formulas in the visibility properties of your app, the formulas and values could be evaluated without manually refreshing the screen, if the table data is updated.

You could achieve this through table automations (workbook automations) that are time based, and then have the visibility properties formulas compare to a value in a table that would update.

For an idea, perhaps you could add an additional column to your table that's named "Last Updated." Then have a table automation that runs when a certain date or time is reached, and updates the "Last Updated" column.

Then the formula in the visibility properties field could compare that value "Last Updated" column to your desired time conditions to see if it would evaluate to true or false.

Hope this info helps, let us know if you have more questions around this. :honeybee:

Thanks Alyssa for your response. I had tried the path you suggested already and it didnt seem to work. Will give that another try in case I didnt do it correctly. How do we submit this as a possible feature request as app refresh should be a setting or automatic. Thanks again

Hi @Sand-622e,

Got it, thanks for letting us know -

If you'd like to try different variations of the table automation, the main concept to keep in mind is that the variable in the formula (for the visibility properties of the object in the app) should be pointing to a value in a table that is getting updated automatically (from the table automation).

And yes of course, this is a great suggestion that I will pass along to the team as a feature request (auto-refresh of app during run-time). :slight_smile:

Just so we have more info to evaluate the feature request, could you let us know here your use case and other details of how it would be helpful? And if not having it is blocking you in any way?

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Thanks. On my re-attempt of using table automation to auto update data on a reguler time frequency solved the refresh issue. Thanks again for that pointer!

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Hi @Sand-622e,

Awesome, I'm happy that worked for you :slightly_smiling_face:

And of course, always happy to help! :honeybee:

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