"Apply formula to column" not setting references right

Let's say I have a table with three columns (Tom,Jack,Total). And 2 rows like this:

Tom Jack
1 2
3 4

I am now adding a sum-function in column 3 like: sum(A2,B2) - This gives me the right sum for row one, which is 3. If I now use the little drag-filler (square) at the bottom right of the sum-field, I can easily apply the same formula but with the right references (A3,B3) to the next line. So far - so good.

But if I am using the tool tip with "Apply formular to column" the reference (A2,B2) is not adjusted to every row.

So I am asking: What would be the right way, to have a formular, that works for every line of the table?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @DirkR , welcome to the community, and thanks for posting! :smiley: I'm happy to help you out.

For your set up, in your summation column, you would apply a formula that calculates the total of the two columns "Tom" and "Jack" (This will calculate that value for each row).

Your formula would look like: =SUM([Tom],[Jack])

Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any other questions! :honey_pot: :honeybee: