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I’m trying to build an appointment management system for massage therapists. I have session length times available to choose from: 120, 90, 60, and 30 minutes. My fist question is how should I format the session times? My second question is how can I add the session time to the appointment start time to get the appointment end time?

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While this won't necessarily add the time intervals onto the start time to calculate the end time, one way to approach your use case to get you something close would be to set a table up with two columns using the time format and a third formatted with the expression =CONCATENATE(((Table3[End Time]-Table3[Start Time])*24)*60," min") to display the time in minute intervals.

Please make sure to substitute your own table & column names. I used my own for demonstration purposes. :slightly_smiling_face:


To build this into the app, I would recommend using Honeycode's app wizard, as it will build the screens, variables, and automations for you to capture new appointments. However, to do it manually, you could add time objects to the app screen, and build an automation, so the user inputs write to the table.

If you want to add a feature to the app screen to calculate and display the minute interval between the start and end time the app user selects, simply use the same expression from the table in a data cell, but substitute the column references with the two screen variables like this: =CONCATENATE((($[End Time]-$[Start Time])*24)*60," min")

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