Approach for Inventory Management Application

Use case
I am building a basic inventory management application for my family business.

Current Challenge
I have two linked tables relevant to this use-case as shown below, ‘board_details’ and ‘component_inventory’. ‘board_details’ reflects that each circuit board is made up of different types of components of varying quantities each. ‘component_inventory’ tracks the overall in-stock inventory of each component.

The current challenge is allow a user to acknowledge the build of a board (i.e., ‘Board One’), and subtract the required number of each component installed on Board One from the in-stock inventory of each component.


Desired Outcomes
I have a ‘Build Capacity’ detail screen (below) that shows, based on available component inventory, the manufacturing capacity of a given circuit board type. I’d like to add a button or form to the bottom of this screen that will allow the user to acknowledge the build of a board, and subsequently update all appropriate component inventories.

I’m struggling mightily with how to achieve this outcome (via formulas, automations, etc..). Open to all approaches.

Seemingly have addressed the challenge by specifying a Run Option to run an action for each row of a FILTERed list, as shown:


Now, when a Circuit Board is 'built' [button], all associated component inventories are updated to reflect the quantity used in the manufacture of the specific board, and the remaining manufacturing capacity of the board type is updated reflective of current component inventories. So cool.



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