Are end users consuming the app services considered as

What is the licensing model if I have 4 developers building the app but 90 people using the app.

Is there a fee for end user count also?

Hi @sg :slight_smile: :honeybee:

I've replied to the related forum post you chimed in on, however I'll add a note here as well.

The pricing model for Honeycode applies for all team members (regardless of team member role, or if an app owner or user), and details of the pricing plans can be found here: Pricing & Billing FAQs

Hope that answers your question, and as noted on the other thread, our team is interested in learning more about your use case (keep an eye out for a message from us shortly).

ok, thanks, this pricing model is not economical to my end users, 1000 end user won't pay 9.95 to use this app.