Are Webhooks gone in the new experience?


I'm in the process of re-building an app from the classic experience in the new experience.
I can't seem to find the option to call webhooks in automations - is that gone, not yet implemented or well hidden?

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Hi @Maurice ,

As of today, webhooks aren't available in New Experience.

Furthermore, I want to thank you for your valuable comments regarding webhooks. I will share this feedback with our PMs.

Thank you for the quick response!

It seems to me like there are a lot of features from automations missing, e.g. the ability to add/delete/overwrite rows somewhere else.

Being able to send an email to a contact (which is as I understand it currently the only possible action) is better than nothing, but it seem like a lot of the core functionality of the classic builder is still missing.

Is there an approximate timeline when I should check out the new experience again?
I rebuilt the interface of my classic app, but the core functionality relies on these features, so I can't use it right now. I'm a bit disappointed by this launch to be honest - I think the Beta label should be applied to the new experience.

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Hi @Maurice,

Thank you for the feedback! When we launched the new experience, we did not do so with full feature parity to Honeycode's classic experience, as we want to gather early feedback like yours to ensure that our customers drive and prioritize our product roadmap.

As for automations, you can add, delete, and update (i.e., overwrite) rows using a button's actions.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts. We also have a feature request category if you have other ideas that would improve your experience with Honeycode. Whenever we launch new features, we make sure to send announcements and release notes, so please keep an eye out for an email.

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Okay, thanks.

I understand that adding/updating/deleting records can only be triggered from a button right now?
My use case relies on automations starting at a certain point in time that's determined in a record. It would be really cool if these features were available for these "background-tasks" as well.

Aside from the missing functionality the new experience was fairly good so far. There were a few things that seemed buggy or at least quirky to me, but I wasn't able to reproduce all of them reliably:

  • Clicking on the Column Data Type and then "Delete Column" -> Delete Confirmation dialog shows up, but when I click "Delete" it sticks around. Right-click + "Delete Table Column" works (sometimes)
  • Editing the linked table in the table view doesn't allow you to change the table
  • Date & Time are still very US-centric, the date layout can't really be changed to YYYY-MM-DD or DD.MM.YYYY or similar things.
  • Screen Names can only be changed from the overview (I don't understand why, didn't seem inuitive to me)
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Classic automation features such as background data updates and webhook calls when a certain date and time were reached were excellent. I hope it can be used in new experiences.

Thank you @Maurice and @Taka-3074 for the continued feedback on the new experience. As of today, only the buttons can trigger the add/update/delete record. I have made note of the bulleted comments around the UX as well as the 'background data updates' and webhook calls. I will make sure to share with this with the team.

Much appreciated,


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