Assistance or advice for Web security

Recently, I was warned by our company's internal web security agent regarding the concern over the Internet security. Because of it, I had to discontinue any further attempts on HoneyCode related projects, especially if they are potentially related to Zapier integration and cloud-based operation. I wonder if AWS can offer special advise/ protocols/guidelines so that HoneyCode communities inside an institution (especially a very large one) can grow with no constrains or restrictions. Please advise. Thanks.

Hello, and welcome to the community @HuaF-08f5! Data privacy and security is a top priority in AWS. Note that Honeycode data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and is secured on AWS servers. AWS services also offer technical and physical controls designed to prevent unauthorized access to your content.

To learn more about our data privacy and security policies, check out our AWS Data Privacy FAQ. Additionally, you can control access to data on the Honeycode app level, which this article shows how to set up.

Someone from the team will also be reaching out to your shortly to discuss further. Stay tuned! :smiley: