Attaching Photo


I know similar request has been requested by our community. Here again I requesting to find the status on the Feature requests for Attaching Pictures.

Use case: All Purchase transactions; I need receipts/invoice attached for review and approval.

Thanks San


Thanks for submitting this @San! I can see how this feature would be useful, particularly for your use case with purchase reviews. I'll bring this use case to our team.

If you have any further requests, new or adding on to a current one, please let us know so that we can ensure our team has all feedback and use cases from the community!


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Thanks AJ! Just added an another request Tracking Inventory Bins/basket via RFID or WIFI

I'd also like this ability for images but also documents as well. Just having an upload field would be great

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@San and @John-d7fc thanks for the additional requests here. I'll be sure to pass these on to our product management team for future consideration.

Please keep the ideas coming in!

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