Audio Sound

Is there any way to create an audio sound like a beep on the device when a screen is updated?

For example, when a new row is added to a table, the row will display on the screen on the users device. Would like a sound to be created on that device when this occurs.

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I like the idea; good feature needs to be added

Hi @Davi-7079 this sounds :ear: like a great idea :grinning: . A sound would be a good cue for users to view the app and see what update was made. Would you be able to tell me more about your use case for a feature like an audio sound?

I'll bring these details to our team to consider for future updates of Honeycode.

Hi @Matt_N, This app is being used by a private school to call students from their classroom for dismissal. Due to COVID restrictions, all students must remain in their classroom until someone arrives to pick them up. When their ride home arrives, a teacher outside the building will use the app to call the student(s). This students name will then appear on the interactive board in their classroom as their cue to leave the building. However, they will have to pay attention to see their name scroll on the board. The audio sound would allow the students to look at the list of students only when there is change to the list.

Thanks for sharing the details @Davi-7079 , this is a great idea and use case! I'll bring this request and use case details to our team to review.

As you continue to build in Honeycode, let us know if you have any other feedback!

Happy building :hammer_and_wrench:

Hi @Davi-7079 I was discussing your use case with the team and wanted to share a solution that may help you.

If you are using the app on mobile or tablet, what you can do is set an automation to notify an email when a row is added to your table. What this will do for mobile/tablets is, it will create a push notification from the Honeycode app onto the device and if your device settings are set to create audio pings for app notification then you will hear a ‘ping’.

Something you could do is create a placeholder email address for the emails to be sent to or use your own email in the case you’d like to receive the emails. To do this check out this article on creating notifications. Once you have that, set your device to sound when Honeycode pushes an app notification. Let me know if you have questions on this.

If utilizing a mobile/tablet device isn’t an option for you and you are using the app on a laptop/desktop could you let us know a little more about your set up and how you are connecting it to your display screen? What also will be helpful is for us to understand what the ‘interactive board’ is.

The feedback you have provide thus far is fantastic, so any further details will help our team to continue to evaluate this . Thanks!

Hi @Matt_N,

I appreciate you interest in my audio issue and your recommendation above. Each classroom has a Promethean Interactive Board []

So the app is displayed on this board as a projection from a desktop computer. So basically, I need to send a audio sound to a desktop computer when a row is added. The interactive board only displays the app on the board in this example. Some teachers also view the app on their laptops. We are not using tablets or smart phones in this scenario. Thanks.

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