Automatic data scraping?

Hi, I want to know if I can use honeycode to automate data scraping from websites using the click of a button and present it in an efficient and readable format so I can save time. Is honeycode the right tool for the job? If so, can someone point me towards the right resources?

Hi @Zech-6457 thanks for your post! You aren't able to scrape websites with Honeycode, but would love to hear more about your use case and how you'd like to display that information. We are always looking for feedback and I can pass the details you provide to our product team for consideration.

If you have any other feedback or questions while building in Honeycode, let us know!

Hey @Matt_N Currently in my job I generally have to pull a large amount of data from tables within a set of websites by exporting them as CSV files into excel, and then use VLOOKUP to cross-reference and return the data that I need all while displaying the data in tables. However, the data changes fairly frequently. I was wondering If your team would consider adding a functionality that would allow a user to scrape data from tables within a website and refresh that data either by the use of a button UI or an automatic refresh feature. Please feel free to reach out to me

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Thanks for the details @Zech-6457 ! I can bring this request and the details you provided to our team to consider for future updates of Honeycode.

If we need any further details, we'll be sure to reach out!