Automatic Form Builder Misses Table Fields

I have a table with 36 columns.

When I use the Insert Column List including Add a detail screen function, the detail screen only picks up the first 21 fields on the table.

Is this a product limitation, or is something going wrong?

it seems you are using mobile layout which is having some limitation to show data.
Use web layout.
add more column for web layout in your existing form

So when you run your application using mobile you will less column and when run using web you will full see set of columns.

Hi Amit,

Thanks for your thoughts on this, however I was able to add the fields to the mobile layout manually, so it's not a display issue. It's more of an issue with the auto-form builder, not picking up all the columns. Maybe that works ok on the web layout, however, I would expect it to work on the mobile layout too until it encounters any sort of limitation to the mobile layout (which at this time it is not)

Excellent question, bump for HC team. :slight_smile:

If you want to work around it, you can add the other columns to your screen manually by copy/pasting the blocks, and then editing the 'source' property of the data cells.

Hey @PaulBappoo, I am not aware of such limitation being in the product so this appears to be more of a bug to me. I'll file it and confirm if I hear back whether this is by design. Thank you for flagging this to us!

Hello @PaulBappoo, @Amit_Jaiswal & @AndrewB,

Great to see the conversation around building lists.

@PaulBappoo- as you mentioned, we do not have a limit on the number of columns you can add to a list object. You can add any number of columns by adding Column data/Editable column data objects to your list OR by adding columns from the binding sheet.
When you create a list via Stacked list or Column list from the Add objects panel, we add up to 21 columns to the detail screen automatically for you, for both mobile and web views. Which is why it must have added the first 21 columns of your table with 36 columns. We have reached out to the product team to consider increasing the number of columns we add automatically in a future update.

Please let me know if you have more questions.

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