Automation (Notify) using for each row (filter) fail

Hello @Alyssa
Like a before case, I used a table "Group". But only it's notified to an email of that group:

The first email is is OK. Here the message is received, but in the second email don't appear. And the message is not in SPAM .
Both account are registered in AWS Honeycode account .

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I forgot that:

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Hi @Javi-1285 :honeybee:

For your FILTER, try the following syntax:
=FILTER(SCI_Grupo_Usario, "SCI_Grupo_Usario[Grupo]=%", "Tecnico")

After you enter the formula in the field, it will evaluate to show how many rows meet that criteria:

You can also enter that filter formula into a cell in a table to see what exactly is in each row (to see which emails the notification would be sent to).

After you update the automation, publish it to save the changes. Let us know if that helps! :slight_smile:

Hello @Alyssa
It's not working yet :frowning: I do the change you suggested..

But only send the mail to first account.


Hi @Javi-1285, could you share a screenshot of what you are entering in the "To:" field of the notify automation?

HI @Alyssa



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Hi @Javi-1285 :honey_pot:

Thank you for sharing the screenshot; It appears that your notification automation is set up correctly.

Perhaps you could test with a different email (add another contact to the same group) to see if the notification email is received successfully. That would help identify if it is an issue on the Honeycode side or perhaps the email inbox side.

If you're still having trouble after trying another email, please submit an issue report to us after triggering the automation by clicking on the Help icon > "Report an issue." These reports include logs that help us see what may be going on.

Hi @Alyssa
Ok, thanks you for all

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