Automation to update table column that has Picklist to other table?

Ok, So my App has an Employees List, when a person clicks on a specific person it takes them to the Employee Detail Screen.
The Employee Detail screen is pre-populated with boxes on the left-side which correspond to my Employees Table Headers and boxes on the right-side which corresponds to the column data from said Table headers.
I have made the right-side boxes editable and have added two buttons at the bottom ("Cancel Button" when clicked takes the person to the previous screen and "Update Information Button" I have set up with an Action to Overwrite the Employees Table Column Data with the information from the edited boxes on the right-side. So far so good for First Name, Last name and Email, however, I have hit a snag with it come to Dept because I originally connected Employees Table-Dept Column to a Dept Table via a PickList in the Table View.
So, in summary, the Employees Detail App Screen shows the Employees[Dept] data as set up in the Employees Table, but, I am not able to get the picklist from the app screen and have it overwrite the info in the Employees Table. Any ideas?

hi @Wendy,

So I'm assuming that you have a Picklist in the Employee Table (like this)

that points to a separate table of EmployeeDept values (like this):

Then you may have added a "Column List" to the Employees List screen and linked to the detail page (like so):

If you check the "Add a detail screen" you'll get a default detail screen with non editable fields. At that point simply make each field editable and you should get the ability to choose and modify the Depty of any employee. No need for Save buttons or Automations, because the detail screen saves directly into employee row you are looking at. Here is what I got by following these steps:

Hope this helps you get to an editable Employee record. There is nothing special about the EmployeeDept field in the details screen. It's setup like this:

In fact if you go back to the Employee Table and change another field into a pick list (in my case Employee Location), and use the Picklist wizard like so:

The EmployeeDept field, on he detail screen, automatically becomes a picklist as well.

You may want to check the steps above, ensure that Dept is a Shared data cell and set =[FIELDNAME].

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have more questions or if I missed something in your ask.