Automation: Update existing row in table if RowLink variable equals field value

I have created an "Update or insert rows" automation that runs after a standard "Add row to" automation on a form. I am expecting an existing row to be updated, but instead a new row is being created.

Update or insert rows Automation:

The $[Equipment] input is a RowLink to the Equipment table:
Title: Equipment
Format selection as: RowLink
Set Source Type: Table
Set Source Table: Equipment
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I'm not entirely sure how I should write the formula to match the input variable to the field in an existing row, but I have tried several formulas such as:

=IF($[Equipment]=Equipment[Nickname], TRUE, FALSE)

Any guidance would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

If I set this up as a Workbook Automation I get the same results. A new row is added instead of the matching row getting updated. What am I doing wrong?

This only needed a fairly small tweak to get it working on the Workbook Automation. I simply needed to add the column name I was interested in. Think of a RowLink value as an object containing the associated row data.

@Rick how does this automation start?

The update/insert action is easily the most complicated part of automations. It's important to understand that it is operating based on the current context row. If there is not context row (which is possible), then a new row will be added every time.

The context row is initially determined by the start block.

Hello @Rick & @AndrewB,

Thanks for using Honeycode and giving your inputs. Glad you got automations to work for your app @Rick. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Here are some articles on Add row and Update row blocks that you might find useful while building automations.