Avoiding duplicate values in a table column

I would like to see how i can find a value in a table to avoid duplication to be added in table, e.g. I am taking an input field as $[input field] and before writing to a table, i want to make sure value does not exist in the table column say =[Category]

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Hi @Naee-6456 I think this article can probably help you: https://honeycodecommunity.aws/t/findrow-a-better-vlookup

I tried using this as run condition in option field before running adding the new item in the table, both for VLOOKUP and FINDROW, I dont see any input being added if I add this check for updating cell row. This AddCategories table has only one column for Category. Here is the screen shot for this:

I was able to figure this out, thanks you, I needed this ISNA() to make sure return value matches in case of no match, so this cmd worked

=ISNA(FINDROW(AddCategories,"AddCategories[Categories]=$[Categories content]"))


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