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I created a form with about 40 fields. Some questions:

  1. I didn't use 'Forms' only sections with fields. What does Forms provide?
  2. I need to validate the 40 fields.
    a. I'd like the cursor to go each field in error and for the field to be highlighted. Is that possible?
    b. I saw the example of using two submit buttons (one greyed out). I guess i have to duplicate the 40 validations in both buttons. Is there an easier way?
    c. Would be great to validate as the user moves from field to field. Possible? I see Actions is greyed out so maybe in the future?
    Great product! Thank you!

Hi @Wayn-bcee ,

Thanks for reaching out and thanks for the wonderful feedback.

Forms provide you out of the box functionality of displaying data from a table and/or a default button. Please see below screenshot:

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 5.50.14 PM

In classic experience, field validation is achieved by writing expressions.

Our new experience was released this week. I would appreciate it if you could use the new experience and provide us with feedback.

Love to try out the new editor. I go in and it says classic for existing apps in the new experience. How can I use the new editor with my old apps?

Hi @Wayn-bcee ,

We created this new experience with the goal of empowering you to easily build and customize your apps faster. The feature set currently available may limit your ability to fully transition your classic apps immediately. Our teams will continue to introduce additional features and capabilities.

So have to recreate. Is there a list of enhancements? For example, is validation easier/changed or just cosmetic changes?

Hi @Wayn-bcee ,

Thanks you for your query.

Currently, you'll have to recreate the app in new experience. As mentioned, we'll be doing announcements in our community announcements with new features. Keep an eye on the announcements section.

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