Best way to create subform

What's the recommended method for creating a master/detail or form/subform display of data.

The use cases would be things like an invoice entry screen where the user creates an invoice header record and then adds item lines to it.

Or a business partner form where the user adds a company record then adds contacts, phone numbers and addresses to that master company.

I can see how to do this in the tables, using a rowlink on the subtable and a filter formula on the main table, but I cant figure out how to represent this in the form view, so that the subform data is editable.

Viewing the subform data using a form view in the current form seems to work but making it editable and having controls to add/delete subform records is eluding me.


Hi @PaulBappoo, sorry for the delay on this one. If you haven't already, I'd recommend taking a look at our inventory management template as I believe this might have some ingredients of what you're looking for. For example, it contains a list of inventory which when clicked/tapped shows details of that particular item. One can also add another item to inventory with the "New Device" form.

With the template you can either just run with it and customize for your use case(s) (invoices, company records, etc.) or just create a second workbook in parallel and copy all of functionality you need from it.

Hope this helps, but come back to the community if you need additional help!