Big problems after accidentally changing a column name

I recently had a case where I was trying to filter a column and had accidentally changed the column name instead. I immediately realized what I had done and pressed Ctrl-Z to undo the change. It appears that when I changed the column name, it updated all of the references to that column in formulas all throughout the app. But when it changed it back to the original name, it didn't update the columns. Now I have that column name appearing incorrectly in formulas all across my app (which is an especially large one). To make it worse, there is no search function that will help me find all of the places that I need to update the column name.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to find and fix all of the formulas that are now broken?

Hi @Michael_W_SCR :honeybee:

Thanks for sharing what you experienced; I'm happy to help :slight_smile:

For this, I'd suggest using the Recover feature to revert back to a version before you made the changes:

If you see this behavior again (a column name change not reflecting correctly), please submit an issue report to us and we'll take a look at the logs to see what may have happened.

Hope that helps! :honey_pot:

I think it is too late at this point to do a recovery because we've already started making updates manually. But just FYI, I don't seem to have that option.


Hey @Michael_W_SCR, maybe double-check that you are the owner of the workbook? Editors do not have the option to revert workbooks, as far as I’m aware.

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Thank you for the follow up, @Michael_W_SCR (Thanks @Eric for chiming in as well; that is true that you'll need to be an owner of the workbook to see the Recover option).

@Michael_W_SCR, could you submit an issue report to us, so we can take a deeper look? (click on the Help icon > "Report an issue.").