Bug: Discrepancy between Mobile and Web behavior on Picklist with Filter and page attribute condition

I already raised an issue but since I didn't get any response, trying my luck here:

Picklist with FILTER depending on page attributes works on WEB but not on MOBILE :

Failing picking "Allée" on mobile after selection "Depot" :

Success picking "Allée" on Web after selection "Depot" :

Picklist FILTER in Builder:

Hi @Flor-20d6,

A fix for this issue was included in a version of Honeycode that was released yesterday. You can download the latest Android and iOS versions of Honeycode on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once you update to the latest version, let us know if this has cleared up for you.

We appreciate you raising this! Know that our team evaluates and addresses each issue that gets submitted; please feel free to let us know if you bump into any thing else. :slight_smile: :honey_pot: