Bug, may be?

Hi, I found this thing. So, whenever I place my cursor on any cell and increase/decrease my screen brightness the data of the cell changes to "unidentified". This is not expected when someone's working on critical data.
As you can see below.

Same, happens with me too +1.

Thanks for reporting @cloud.tf, and welcome to the community @AD! Could the two of you please submit a report from within Honeycode? You can do this by My Drive > "?" icon >> Report an issue.

The team will be able to look further into this issue once we've safely received your logs and IDs :hammer_and_wrench:

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Thanks for the reply @Taylor . Yes. I've just reported the issue.

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Hi @cloud.tf,

Confirming that we've received your issue report and that our team is looking into it. (Thank you for submitting that!)

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