Building a portal for the residents of my housing community

Hi @Matt_N

I'm also looking for this functionality. I'm currently building a portal for the residents of my housing community. If the concept works, I might commercialise it, in which case I'll have multiple complexes, property managers, owners, tenants, staff, etc., but will only need to have a few "team members" within my business with access to the back-end. I don't want to have to pay $19,99 for each resident/owner.

Please let me know if this is possible.

Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome to our community, @Marc-d0e9! Thanks for sharing details around your use case--this information helps us to better understand what you're trying to achieve in Honeycode.

At this time, you can only share workbooks and apps with members of your team. You can review our Adding Team Members and Sharing Workbooks & Apps articles for more details on adding members and sharing.

We've received similar feedback on different prices per user, which I'll include your comments on the official feature request :honeybee:

You would probably have to combine it with a front-end and make Honeycode work with it using the APIs. We do this with Shopify. Our team is about 20 people and we have our order management system in Honeycode. We manage everything through it and let Shopify take care of thousands of customers.