Button to show/hide password or sensitive data?

  1. Is there Password cell format or any other way to show/hide password or any sensitive data?

  2. Possible to auto populate created_at, created_by, updated_at, updated_by column just like in conventional database?

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Hi Joiw -- Welcome to the community!

For your first question, we currently don't have a format specifically for sensitive data. Builders will have access to all data stored in the workbook while app users will only be able to see data explicitly included in the screen.

For your second question, yes it is possible to auto create timestamp columns using automations and the =NOW() function. You would set the automation to trigger on your specific cases above, like on row creation or change, and then specific which column you want to update, and then specify the value to be =NOW(). You can find more information about this here Triggers & Actions